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• Wedding photography with Jan Theron

He started
Jan studied Photography and Graphic Design at the University of Stellenbosch and graduated in December 1989. During his national service in 1990 he worked as photographer for Navy News in Simons Town.

As ship's photographer during this same year, Jan accompanied the SAS Drakensberg on a visit to the Republic of China. During the first half of 1991 Jan travelled Western Europe where he mostly did freelance photographic work.

In 1992 he had returned to South Africa and continued freelancing for companies like Foschini and American Swiss, amongst others. He currently runs a professional photographic studio in Durbanville, specialising in studio portraits, fashion portfolios, commercial / industrial photography and weddings.

His gear
Jan mainly uses Nikon 35mm equipment as well as Nikon digital equipment. On occasion Jan would also do 6 x 4.5, 6 x 6 or 6 x 7 medium format photography. However, due to the extreme pace and huge advance in technology over the past few years, 35mm photography is currently totally sufficient for the type of work which Jan spacializes in.

His light
When photographing weddings, Jan prefers to use as much soft available light as possible, with strategic fill-in flash where neccessary and where suitable. Whenever flash is being used during outdoor photography it must be cosidered as "additional to" available light, with the available light as the main light source at all times, always avoiding strong direct sunlight.

His film
Jan prefers to use Fuji film which, in combination with Agfa Professional low contrast photographic paper, provides images with natural skin tones and accurate colour balance. These images are printed to exhibition standard by a professional laboratory in Cape Town.

His lenses
Nikon 18 to 35 mm,
Nikon 24 to 120 mm,
Nikon 80 to 200 mm,
Nikon 105 mm macro

Jan's motto for wedding photography:
"I strongly believe that professional photographers should never use a set formula or "recipe" for wedding photography. I have developed my own unique style to suit the individual personalities of each bride and groom, and to complement them in the most natural way possible.

"I start by consulting with the bridal couple well in advance in order to get to know them as well as I possibly can before the wedding day. Each set of wedding photographs should be tailored to suit the bride and groom in order to fulfil their needs and suit their characters and tastes.

"I create images filled with light, love and joy, forever capturing the special moments of happiness. After all, the wedding photographs are the visible embodiment of the bridal couple's wedding day dreams.

"Weddings should be fun and relaxed, and should be as stress-free as possible. I work with precision and a well-developed sense of fun, ensuring that you have sufficient time to mingle with your guests and celebrate your special day. The fact that I have formed close friendships with many of my clients adds to my enthusiasm, excitement and motivation for each and every wedding in which I am involved."