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• Press photography with Barry Lamprecht

Barry Lamprecht has 24 years experience working for big daily newspapers, of which the last 12 as a senior photographer at Die Burger in Cape Town and before that at the Eastern Cape Herald.

"Less is more" has always been his credo - he loves isolating detail, telling the story with a minimum of elements.

His gear
Barry uses Canon - a D60 digital and Canon 1V film camera

His advice
To get a position with a newspaper, attitude is the most important factor, he says. Knock and keep knocking and eventually a door will open for you. Obviously a feel and talent are important, but attitude more so. Attitude means a positive outlook, a "can do" attitude, making do sometimes in less than perfect conditions, but always emerging with the pictures. This is news - it only happens once. You have to get it first time.

If you want to start, his advice is to try attend news happenings, shooting pics and taking them to your local newspaper. They may not use it, but most picture editors will give you advice on better composition and style. Then, one day, you might just get it right and get published.

"And remember," he says, "If your pics are not good enough you're not close enough!"