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Affordable, perfect pictures for brochures, publications and the Web. Check out our stock photo library.
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Stock photography is the business of supplying publications and design companies with suitable, generic images to use in magazines, brochures, posters and billboards. The same applies to stock footage - video clips used in corporate or advertising productions.

This demands a constant stream of models - not picture-perfect supermodel types, but ordinary people in reasonably good shape. The pictures below will give you a better idea of what kind of look is required.

The deal:
  • You need pictures of yourself, but don't have the budget for a professional portfolio. So let's help each other. You sign a model release form, a standard document that gives me the right to sell the image you appear on (and basically confirms to the publication that you have given permission for your picture to be taken and used), and you get copies of the images we shoot in the studio for your portfolio.
Interested? Let's hear about it!
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PS - if you have a head and shoulders picture of yourself, by all means send one measuring not more than 500 x 750 pixels (file size no larger than 150kb) to jaco at pictureperfect dot co dot za.