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Start your new career with one of our online photography courses

Learn photography at your own pace. Most of the online photo courses offered here are a combination of online correspondence and face-to-face photo courses: students are in constant contact with the tutor, they shoot photo assignments and send these for evaluation via email or normal post. And this is the real value of these photo courses - the personal feedback on your work.

No matter how many books you read or times you read through your photo course material, your learning curve will increase exponentially through positive feedback, because you can correct mistakes right from the start, where it would take you years to realise what you do wrong otherwise.

You get written feedback on your efforts and suggestion on how to improve them, if needed. If you sail through them, we'll give you more challenging assignments not included in the course material to stretch your abilities and your learning curve. If you live in Cape Town, we'll meet on demand and work through any particular camera and lighting issues you may have.

Will you be able to use the completion of any of these photo courses on your CV? Soon, hopefully, as the South African Qualifications Framework is currently setting minimum standards for such photo courses.

Now check which photo course is right for you:
More aboutContentRequired equipment and experience levelPrice
Digital photo courseFull camera function training, setting proper exposures, using aperture and shutter speeds creatively, how to compose, how to use light, elementary DIY studio lighting training, filters and films, how to handle people in front of the lens, and tips on how to start a small, professional photo business. PLUS digital manipulation (below)!No experience required, digital Single Lens Reflex camera requiredR1250
Digital manipulation training Understanding digital imaging, setting perfect exposure, shutter speed and aperture control, digital workflow, adjusting contrast and exposure, adjusting colour, adjusting saturation, image sharpening, sepia toning, black and white images, half tones, sharpening, batch processing, going to print, colour profilesNo experience, digital compact or SLRR550
Wedding photo courseHow to become a professional wedding photographer - get the guide and train yourself, step-by-step. Then do the practical follow-up (below).Reasonable degree of experience, familiarity with your equipmentR1450
Home studio photo courseHit the ground running with this step-by-step introduction to the essential techniques and disciplines that you HAVE to employ to make that home photo studio work (and start earning an income!).Reasonable degree of experience, familiarity with your equipment AND shooting on manual. If not, the Digital Photography course above is highly recommended.R1450
Video production courseA packed, two-day course covering everything from scrpt writing to camera techniques, lighting and sound to basic editing. Come loaded with energy, or pack some Red Bull.Reasonable degree of experience, familiarity with video equipment R4500