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• Video production

Learn video production as a career

Video content on the web is increasing rapidly, and with it, the demand for video content producers.

With the advent of non-linear editing, affordability of digital video cameras and the widespread use of broadband internet connectivity, video use has blossomed.

online courses - learn corporate video production
Today, more and more firms and news site opt for including video clips on their sites as part of their offering. Hence, the demand for video production has opened the doors for smaller, fast-moving operators to conceptualise, script, shoot and edit productions for a video-hungry market.

Sounds like heaven? Well, if it was that easy, why isn't everyone doing it? Because it isn't that easy. The difficulty lies in the fact that to be competitive, you have to run a tight ship. The days of big budgets are over, or remain the exclusive domain of the advertising agencies working on national marketing campaigns.

online courses - learn corporate video production width=
Running a tight ship means you have to have a grip on every aspect of the film-making - even if you can't or won't everything yourself, you have to at least know what to do when. Which brings us to this course - it is designed to make students work in groups, each person responsible for a particular part of the production, then swopping over, so that you get first-hand experience of every part of the production process. A matter of being able to walk the talk, so to speak.

What will you learn on the Video Production Course?

  • scriptwriting
  • directing
  • lighting
  • sound
  • camera handling
  • interview skills
  • presenting
  • editing basics
Unlike our other correspondence-type courses, this is a completely hands-on affair. You'll have access to our cameras, lighting, sound equipment and edit suite. You'll be required to come up with a concept for a short production, script it, direct and shoot it, and then we'll edit it so that you go home with your first production, after a week.

It is an intensive course in which you'll shoot at least one setup per day to drill home the basics of lighting, test sound, learn about cutting points, continuity and shooting to ease your editing later. Working in a group, you'll take turns being cameraman, lighting, sound and director. Every student will interview another, and be interviewed to teach you the skills not only of interviewing, but of anticipating responses from interviewees, and directing your cameraman accordingly.

If there is a particular area you're interested in specialising in, you get to give preference to that, of course, with the proviso that you take your turn elsewhere. It all adds up to you being a more rounded professional, so don't skimp on experience.


Courses run in Cape Town, from our Milnerton studio, but on demand elsewhere in the country too.


How much?

The packed, two-day course is R4500.

What do you need?

Only a passion for movies. We supply all equipment, lighting, editing facilities and comprehensive notes.

Want it?

Then contact us and tell us about it, so that we can design the course around YOUR needs.

About your tutor

Jaco Wolmarans is a full-time corporate video script writer and producer with a number of national awards to his credit, inter alia three consecutive "Best Video Production" awards from the South African Industrial Editors Association, and the ATKV "Best Corporate Video" Award. View a showreel.