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• The studio lighting course

Mastering the home studio

Earn money from your spare room

Got a nice big room to convert into a home studio, itchy fingers and a brand new studio kit to get creative with? Then this photo course is for you! Studio photography is notoriously frustrating. Experimenting on your own, it could take you years to figure out what you do wrong, often leading to discouragement, and once enthusiastic photographers selling their studio kit well below market value, just get rid of it.
online courses - learn studio photography

No need to! Just hit the ground running with this step-by-step introduction to the essential techniques and disciplines you HAVE to employ to make that home studio work (and start earning an income for you).

Aimed specifically at the studio size-challenged photographer, this photo course was developed in a small studio, FOR small studios. Having enough space is everything in this game, but if you don't have it, what do you do? You make do. You make a plan. And you realise your environment's limitations early on, before you get discouraged, and shoot within your space limits.

So what will you learn on the pictureperfect.co.za studio lighting photo course?

  • Studio equipment explained
  • Portraiture
  • - Broad and short lighting for portraits
  • - Fine-tuning portrait setups (loop and Rembrandt lighting)
  • - Lighting for babies/kids illustrated
  • Packshot photography (commercial tabletops)
  • Specialised commercial equipment and uses
  • Packshot setups
  • - key lighting
  • - accent lighting
Each of the aspects covered will be accomponied by extensive assignment shooting. The student is "forced" to slow down and learn the discipline of proper setup to save themselves time in the professional environment later, by applying the principles of studio lighting every time they do a setup.

What will you need?

The photo course is aimed at the two-light kit owner. If you have more lights, great, but most kits are sold with only two lights, so we make the best of this. Hopefully you kit will include a soft box, and if not, we strongly advise you to get one for portaits in small spaces, as the lighting is more direct and does not spread as wide as with umbrellas.

The course is tough but fun. When completed, you wil be able to shoot home portraits with ease, as well as do commercial product setups. With this as a backing, you will be in a position to start taking on paying work.

How much? ZAR1450 Contact us for a direct transfer in ZAR.

If you are not satisfied with the course material, 100% of your money back - guaranteed.

online photo courses - learn commercial photography online
What others say about this course:

"This course is excellent. The material is well structured and easy to understand. Your exercises were interesting and challenging, especially for a beginner like myself that has never tried studio work. I'll give it a 10 out of 10!

"For you, personally, thanks very much. Your criticims were genuine and constructive, and I hope every student enjoys the courses as much as I do."

- Anita Nel