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• Digital workflow course

Punch up your images with this digital manipulation tutorial

Learn professional photo editing

I thought this was going to be straightforward - buying a digital camera and shooting great images, deleting the ones I didn't like and printing the rest.

But hell, my prints looked flat, I struggled with noise in the low-light shots, and the damn flash was no good over 2 meters!

Sound familiar? Don't throw away your new toy. It's a complicated piece of machinery, and deserves closer inspection, because it can deliver far more than what you've experienced this far. Have a look at the difference between these two pictures, for instance, and decide which one you prefer. That's how the new pictureperfect.co.za digital photo course can help you improve the colour, sharpness and tone of your pics. This does not include Photoshop, but lays the foundation for learning Photoshop as the principles taught are valid for most photo editing software packages.

Some feedback from our first users:
"I worked through the course during one weekend and understand digital photography much better now." - Jan Hayden, Goodwood, Nikon 5700 user.

online photo courses - learn photography from the ground uponline photo courses - learn photography from the ground up
photo course - learn photography from the ground up The digital workflow tutorial will teach you:
  • how to operate your camera
  • how to set perfect exposures
  • how to use your various auto modes correctly
  • overcome common exposure hassles,
  • digital workflow and post-production of your images,
  • improving contrast and exposure
  • improving colour adjustment
  • improving colour saturation
  • improving image sharpening
  • special image effects
  • printing techniques
  • explain camera firmware updates and uploading custom features
This tutorial comes bundled with a legal image editing and management software package from Cerious Software, called ThumbsPlus6, a special discount voucher for pictureperfect.co.za photo course students, and a complete tutorial on how to use this package.

If you'd like to be trained from the ground up, try the combined comprehensive and digital photo course modules - a complete guide to professional photography that will equip you to start your own career as photographer with confidence. You can start any time, finish any time - the material is designed to make you WORK, experiment, fiddle and through that, to learn.

ZAR (credit card, through Monsterpay) or electronic transfers accepted.

I'd like to pay for a photo course, but is it safe? Having trouble paying with this system?
How much? ZAR550or USD equivalent.

Contact us for a direct transfer in ZAR.

If you are not satisfied with the course material, 100% of your money back - guaranteed.

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