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• The comprehensive digital course

Start earning with this in-depth, online photography course

Only two weeks required for a new, lucrative career

You probably own a smart camera, but you're unhappy with your pictures. And you know you've got more talent than what shows on your screen after a photo session. You're not alone. We all start there.

This course is the result of such frustration, an arduous learning curve from probably the hardest school for photographers ever devised - newspaper and wedding photography.

Borne from more than twenty years of wedding and editorial photography, picture perfect's comprehensive digital course is a manual of all the knowledge useful to people like you and I - not only the basics, but down-to-earth advice for people who don't have enough money to buy all the extras but who are happy to work around that on a shoestring budget.

Jaco Wolmarans
One thing I promised myself when writing these courses was that I would make sure the material answered ALL the questions I've ever wanted to ask. And if they don't - you know where to find me. I encourage questions.

So what will you learn in this course, and how? The course demands that you keep your camera next to you as you work through the material, and fiddle with it. Literally get to grips with it, so that when you're shooting, your camera becomes an extension of yourself.

Secondly, I designed a little "reinforcements" of the material: for instance, when I explain "depth of field", you straightaway get to shoot an example, indoors, to reinforce that knowledge before you move on to the next concept.
This truly comprehensive digital photo course will teach you everything from the ground up from being a hobbyist to making money with your camera, if that's your goal.

It comprises 68 pages of hands-on content, based on one-to-one teaching experience, complemented with exercises to entrench your new-found knowledge. Not an ounce of fat in sight. If it's in there, you're going to need it someday.

What will you learn on the pictureperfect.co.za comprehensive digital photo courses?
  • your camera functions, proper exposure techniques, winning composition
  • manual camera functions for full creative potential
  • simple, effective lighting setups and how to set up a basic studio set
  • how to handle people in front of the lens
  • tips on how to start a small, professional photo business
  • understanding digital imaging and manipulation:
  • white balancing, correcting images, adjusting contrast and exposure
  • adjusting colour and saturation
  • image sharpening
  • sepia toning, black and white images and half tones
  • batch processing
  • going to print
The course takes between 4-6 weeks to complete if you only have weekends, but less than two weeks to do full-time.
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What others say about the photo course
"When I registered for your photographic course, I didn't have a proper camera, then last year, about September, I bought the new Canon EOS400D and have been using your manual non-stop. Please continue with your hints and tips.  The are coming in extremely handy." Shelly Topham, Pretoria, South Africa

"It was fun and educational. I'm mentally working on a few simple lessons on how to garden photography for a garden info website I want to create soon. So wanted to get a feel for a practical 'how-to' lesson from you, from books and other current courses available. I have to say your course was the most engrossing. It's hard to balance the too little/too much info and I think your course was just right." -  Naomi Buckman, US garden photographer asked to evaluate the course.

"Hi Jaco, have read through your 'manual' am very excited, have learnt a lot more about my camera, things I didn't know existed! So I have been snapping away, trying all sorts of things out!" - Rosie Hogg, South African student.

"Many thanks, I'm looking forward to learn even more. The Digital Course was definitely worth it!" - Elize Roeloefse

"Your notes are really helpful. I like the simple way of explaining the jargon, eg. straw and water vs shutter speed and aperture. I also like the suggestions of using alternatives, eg. home made reflectors."- Asanda Kwakweni

Will this photo course be right for you?
Yes, if you own a digital camera and you've reached the ceiling of what the manual can teach you, you're anxious to improve your composition, but you don't have the time to spend a couple of nights per week in a classroom. It also comes bundled with a special discount offer on the image organiser ThumbsPlus from Cerious Software for pictureperfect.co.za photo students.

How much? ZAR1250 Contact us for a direct transfer in ZAR.

If you are not satisfied with the photo course material, 100% of your money back - guaranteed.