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• Credit card verification through Monsterpay

If you are having trouble making a purchase here through the Monsterpay system, it is most likely because of recent, stricter credit card verification measures put into place. To prevent credit card fraud, Monsterpay sends all credit card transactions go through 2 filters.

  1. Filter One:
Is the card number valid? Are there sufficient funds in the account?

  If the above are in order then your card would automatically pass through this first filter and your account is debited.

  If however your card had been stolen it would still pass through this filter. For this reason we have now implemented credit card verification.

  2. Filter Two:
Do all the details you provided us match the details of your credit card?

  The transaction could be flagged for any one of the following:

  If the billing and shipping address do not match, if they are listed in two different countries
If the transaction is over a certain amount.
If the credit card used does not match member sign up name.

If there are any discrepancies e.g. the name on your card is ‘A Smith’ and you have entered 'B Jones' - the transaction is flagged and we are obliged to request verification. This verification procedure is designed to ensure that the authorised user of the card is attempting the purchase and that the card details have not been stolen.

  Please note: The card verification procedure is a once-off procedure and you will not be required to verify the existing card again for future transactions. You will receive the amount back in your MonsterPay account after you successfully complete the verification.

Also, please note, all verification amounts get credited to the card holder’s MonsterPay account to be used to complete a transaction. Should the card holder not wish to complete this process, they may contact Monsterpay at rabiae@setcom.com and they will gladly refund these amounts back to your credit card.