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• About www.pictureperfect.co.za

A proud member of Unashamedly Ethical.

Hello there. I'm Jaco Wolmarans.

This site came about after my wedding photography business demanded a step-up into the electronic world.

Then I thought it would be a great idea to add the hand-tinting stuff. And the second-hand kit people constantly asked me to sell for them.

And the photography courses I had developed and presented since 1999. And the images from my photo resource. And the knowledge I got from slaving away at Photoshop, and, and, and ... You get the picture?

So, (sigh) what started as a hobby blossomed into video productions, commercial photgraphy and is now a fully-fledged business running in conjunction with my previously main vocation, writing. (You'd never have guessed, me being so short and to the point, huh?)

This site therefore runs in parallel with my copywriting business Wordsource, both of which operate from Milnerton, near Cape Town in South Africa.

By the way, if you got to this page looking for the photo make-over franchise Picture Perfect STUDIOS, you can find them at www.pictureperfectstudios.co.za. We are not the same company, but keep a friendly albeit distant relationship.

Responsible for building this site were Ian Douglas, site coder, and Dennis Williams, designer.

Comments? Mail me. Suss me out? Go to my Portfolio page.