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A behind the sceness look at our latest shoots

• Digital photo courses

Learn photography from home with pictureperfect.co.za's online photo training

Want to learn photography?

Hate camera manuals? Want to do a photo course, step-by-step, with no prior experience? You're in the right place. Learn digital photography from the ground up, progress to wedding photography, or go digital with the digital workflow or home studio courses. Check out prices and suitability.
• Photo models wanted

Join our model database

Stock photography demands a constant stream of people to be used as photo models in lifestyle, sports and business shoots. These shots are used in publications world-wide. No experience necessary. You just got to convincingly look the part on a mountain bike, in a business suit or handling a cell phone. Join our model database here.
A typical image library or stock photo: learn how to do stock photography with pictureperfect.co.za's online studio photography training
• Make money from home

Home photo studio course

Got a nice big room to convert into a home photo studio, itchy fingers and a brand new studio kit to get creative with? Then this course is for you! Hit the ground running with the essential techniques to make your home studio earn an income.
Build your own photostudio at home with pictureperfect.co.za's online photo training
• Itching to make a movie?

A photo studio: learn how to do studio photography with pictureperfect.co.za's online photo training

Corporate video production

Spanning several disciplines, from directing to scriptwriting to filming itself, corporate video is an exact science. This is where you start:
Immerse yourself in it the right way - in a practical environment.
Be part of a production team in one of our week-long video courses! More details here

• How did they start?

Ever wondered how some of the better-known photographers started off? What advice they have for people starting out? It's all here:
Barry Lamprecht (press)
Jan Theron (weddings)
Des Kleineibst (Advertising)
Anthony Allen (aerial)
Matt Stow (food)
Des Kleinebst in photo studio: learn how to do studio photography with pictureperfect.co.za's online photo training
• Weddings help

Getting married?

Give your photographer a break with some smart choices!
Check out our tips for choosing the best time of day to get married. And how to select the best photographer. What's the most photogenic wedding venue in the Western Cape? Check them, book them.
• The DIY photographer
If you're a beginner in the field of photography, there is just no way you can afford decent lighting. So how about using cheap but nifty solutions?
Learn more here, and sign up for our free newsletter.